Rita Coolidge “Safe in the Arms of Time” CD Release Party at The Troubadour, LA

What a night! First of all, the fact that I just happened to be in LA during Rita Coolidge’s Cd Release Party was one thing… the fact that it was at the Troubadour is another… and the fact that Rita invited me to sing with her and the band on the two songs I wrote with her and Keb’Mo’ is yet another! And Keb’ was in town also, so of course he played and sang as well!!
It was an incredible evening. There was so much love and energy in the air, it was palpable. You could feel the history there and Rita mentioned it as soon as she got on stage. Such a cool vibe!

She sounded great and looked so beautiful. The band was really tight, and her show was awesome!

My relationship with Keb’Mo’ goes back to 1977 when we were in a band together! Yes, it’s our 40th anniversary this year! To be there singing with Rita, celebrating her Cd release, singing on the Troubadour stage again after all these years, and celebrating it all with her and Keb’Mo’ was so very special.

Rita invited me out on stage to sing on her first single, “Walkin’ on Water”, and who is in the front row looking up at me but Mary Wilson of the Supremes… yep, that’s right. She was enjoying herself and groovin’ big time, and singing along on some of the songs. So cool!

Afterward she came up to me and said, you sing great girl! I was already with my hands in a namaste position and I bowed slightly forward to her! What a huge compliment coming from her!

I finally met Ross Hogarth who produced, engineered and mixed the record. What a talented man he is… it’s just the perfect amount of production, not over-produced like so many records these days. Very tasty!

Nelly Neben, Rita’s awesome manager, was there keeping things running smoothly as usual! I met sweet Angie Dickinson. She is so sweet and precious! 

Blue Elan Records was a gracious host and there to provide support wherever needed.

I shared the evening with my friends Merlene Travis and Susan Slamer. It was a great night indeed!