5 Card Bundle - 5 Cards w/ Song CDs

5 Card Bundle - 5 Cards w/ Song CDs

40.00 60.00

The wonderfully crafted Heal A Heart premium greeting cards collection by Jill Colucci includes 5 cards designed to convey specific sentiments from 5 select songs off of Jill’s latest award-winning album, Heal My Heart.  Each premium card is individually wrapped and includes:

  • select lyrics from the song it represents (on the front and right inside panel) 

  • a physical CD of the song (located on the inside left panel)

  • room for your own message and signature (on the right inside panel)

  • an envelope

If you purchase the 5 cards separately a regular price, it would cost $60.00. This great bundle is $40.00 (saving you $20.00 off the list price).

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